Thursday, August 9, 2012

Catching up ---Post 1

Where in the world did we go for the month of July?? I don't think I have let this much time pass since I started blogging, but I am going to post some pictures to let you see exactly why I haven't had time to blog. It is consignment season.

Yes, we had a huge horse in the house for a few weeks. It was interesting carrying him in my car!

We tagged 21 people's items and then did my stuff!! To say the least, we have been a bit covered up! It is all out of the house and at the sale that is currently going on. I got some great stuff for Olivia and Easton at the sale!! I can see my floor again!!! I can walk through my house without tripping over things! It was a TON of stuff, but we got it done. We get 20% of each item that sells (I know....$1.00 item we only get .20 cents, but it adds up!) I am hoping that we make enough money off of this sale to at least buy 1 plane ticket. Every penny counts!!
Hopefully over the next few days I can catch up so I don't let any memories slide by without documenting them. I want Olivia to be able to look back at her childhood and see how much fun we have--some days doing absolutely nothing special, but just being together.

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