Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Science center fun

Once we were out of school indefinitely a few weeks ago we took advantage of one of our days off. The consignment sale was done and we had a day to spare so we wanted a day for the three of us. Something that didn't happen often enough over the summer! We packed a snack bag and we were headed to the zoo, but it began to pour on our way. So, plan B....I said let's just go over to the science museum and do that. John had wanted to take her there anyway, so we went.

She loved the "round round!" She had to look out the window at all of her "friends."

She used this pully to pull a figure on a parachute up to a magnet and when the magnet hit it the parachute came down. She loved this one!

Not her favorite...too much wind. They had a sail boat race.

She went fishing.

We built bugs after watching the queen bee in the bee area.

She came down a huge slide with daddy. She was a bit nervous because it was built to look like the inside of the heart. It was really weird looking.

She liked brushing the big teeth!

We ended at subway in the museum. She enjoyed a cookie after lunch before heading home for a nap.

We had fun just the three of us! It is something we need to be more intentional about before she is too big and doesn't want to hang out with us. She is a fun kiddo! She brings lots of laughter and lots of smiles to us. We love her so much.

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