Saturday, August 18, 2012

Olympics 2012

A few weeks ago we kicked off the olympics in style! We went to our friends Nick and MaryLeigh's house and enjoyed an evening of fun, food and friends. MaryLeigh had a screen set up outside for us to watch the opening ceremonies.

We each brought food to represent a different country. Of course we chose Korea. Since I was so busy tagging for consignment, I ordered it to go from a local Korean restaurant. MaryLeigh had said there would be about thirty there, so I ordered enough for 15 because I knew that we would just "sample" all of the different country foods. I said no sides, just meat. We got there to pick it up and Olivia and I waited outside. She was getting a bit restless so I decided we would go on in. I found John walking out with BOXES of food and two ladies behind him assisting. To say the least, my order was misunderstood and we had enough food for thirty full size meals. With Easton's first birthday coming, I decided we would just freeze all of the bulgogi and eat it for his Dol. Well, that didn't happen, so plan b here I come! :) Yes, wasteful. Yes, expensive. Yes, a super funny story. We decided we better laugh about it or we would cry. We had been working so hard on tagging and penny pinching and then did this. Oh well, such is life, right?!

The kids made these super cute torches ( mama's made them and handed them to our kids)
Lovin the look Olivia is giving MaryLeigh!

They played outside with glow sticks


and a massive red ball.

I personally love Mickey Mouse in the background of one of the tricycle pictures. Bates and Olivia had a ton of fun riding/pushing the tricycle. As you can tell, John didn't get quite the thrill, but he had fun nonetheless.

Everyone had a great time! Thanks MaryLeigh for hosting a great Olympic party and having us over. We always enjoy our time at your house!

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