Monday, August 27, 2012

Super mom

I wish I could say that the title fits me, but I can't. I just can't seem to fit it all in, and my blog has somewhat fallen by the way side. I hate that!!! Each post I say I will do better and that ain't happenin' so far! Busy is how our house has been lately. Here is a bit of a recap. After working the consignment sale we attended several local meetings as John and I are both teachers. Our schools were to open on July 31. They did, but then they closed. We didn't have students re-enter the doors for another week and a half. Bizarre, but a stand was finally made for our struggling budget. Unfortunately, there will still be budget cuts due to our local commission. It is a mess! Once school started, I dug in hard! I have become a fresh new teacher this year....ok, we have only had kids for a week and a half , but I am working hard, nonetheless. I am trying new ideas and working quite a bit. I leave the house by 6 a.m. to get Olivia dropped off at mom and dad's and then I head to work. My goal this year (one of the many) is to use my time wisely while at work. So, I get there early, don't socialize and stay late. I have been averaging leaving at 5. The night before the doors opened I worked until 1 a.m. at school. A cop drove by and shone his flashlight into my room....hello genius, the light was on and it was quite obvious I was working. Oh well. I have great kids (from what I can tell so far) this year and I am determined to teach using whole brain thinking and many new strategies. Other than work, I am currently planning a baby shower, took more clothes to a local consignment sale, retagging some items for another consignment sale, going on a weekend trip, celebrating my neice's baptism, dad's birthday, and hosting Easton's Dol, and trying to finish sewing orders. To say we are busy around here is a bit of an understatement. This is one way to pass the time though until our little guy gets home though, right?!? Oh, add in painting a mural....I HAVE to get his room done! I can't stand having projects hanging over me, but I think I have 20. HA! The last time I blogged, I was thinking we would get new pictures of our little guy any day. Well, with the new laws in Korea, I think it has been a bit crazy and the pictures haven't been top priority. Completely understood, but I sure do keep looking for them. I can't believe that he will be one in three weeks!!! We saw his little face at 5 months, and he is almost 1, holy cow! Time has definitely gone faster this time. I think it is that cute little girl running around that keeps me busy to pass the time. Last time our house was empty and we could hardly stand it. Now we have Olivia and we enjoy our time with her. I never blogged Easton's 10 month pictures because in truth I thought I would have 11 month pictures by the time I got around to blogging about them. I can't wait to see how much he has changed as each month I can see so many differences! Here are our (not so) little guys most recent pictures.
There is suppose to be a typhoon in Korea that is currently happening. It is amazing how much more you care about news on the other side of the world when you know your child is over there! Please pray with us that Easton, his foster family, Olivia's foster family and both of their birth mothers stay out of harms way during this storm. Apparently it isn't suppose to be horrible, but the words 'not bad' and 'typhoon' just don't seem to belong in the same sentence! We love you Easton. We pray for you and talk about you daily....many days by the hour! We can't wait to add you into this crazy house of ours that we call home. Stay safe buddy!

The last update was July 17--he weighs 20 lbs already!!! These monthly pictures are wonderful. I think that is the main help in this waiting process. With Olivia we got 4 pictures the entire time we waited. I noticed not receiving pictures this month has made the lapse of time seem longer. It is amazing how our minds play tricks with us, but those updates sure do help pacify me!

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