Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy Anniversary!

Yep, this is another catch up post for me. Our 8th anniversary was on July 31st. We didn't do anything fancy. To be exact, we had registration at school. So, we both worked that night until 8. The night before, John surprised me with my favorite....cheesecake! He had 4 pieces from the cheesecake factory, and yes...we ate every bite!!! 2 oreo, 1 Kahlua, and 1 snickers. Yum!!!

That was a much needed break while tagging. He also gave me

I have really gotten into that show and watch it every night! I love Sheldon. He is a hoot!! That too was also great comic relief while tagging. We said no gifts, so I didn't have anything for him. Typically in this house there is no 'reading between the lines' so I was quite surprised that he did all of that. We had several cheesecake dates. I think I blogged about this before, but just in case I didn't...when there is cheesecake in this house from the Cheesecake factory, we can only eat it together standing over the counter. We only eat it at night once Olivia is asleep and we just eat a few bites a day. The last piece however, we shared with our little munchkin. She liked it a lot. It made me feel kinda bad that we hadn't shared the other, but she doesn't want for much around here.

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