Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Consignment season

It is here again!  Consignment season has started.  I am VIP tagging again, and have called in my ever so faithful troops!  I want to get done ASAP because I don't want to spend my maternity leave tagging, so I am working as quickly as I can.  We have worked mostly Tuesday's and Thursday's because Olivia is at Mother's Day Out.  We start around 10:30 or so and work until the end of nap time.  So it only cuts into a couple of hours of kiddo time.  Luckily, Buppy came to play one day last week to give us a few extra hours to work.  Since it was Wednesday, Olivia was home.  Easton is happy playing on his own, but Olivia hasn't quite figured that out yet.  A little dress up, painting and legos....those two are a pair.  Olivia loves her Buppy so much!  I am quite sure we all do!!!  Thanks for playing, Buppy!



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