Thursday, March 13, 2014

RIght where I need to be!

I unfortunately missed my favorite conference, Created4Care this year.  I love this weekend and it is so good for me as well as my family.  The group I usually ride with was going to be gone for more than I felt that I should be so I was going to drive myself.  I didn't think that I needed to be away from home (at this point with Easton) for 4 days and 3 nights.  Typically that is the norm for us, but this year, I couldn't do it.  I decided I would just drive down once I put him down for nap on Friday and get there Friday evening.  I would soak up all of my adoptive mama friends all day Saturday and leave super early Sunday to be home before he woke up from nap.  On Wednesday night, I just didn't feel like it was what I needed to do.  With me going back to work soon, I feel like I need to get every second with both kids!  He knows I am someone familiar at this point, he knows I am safe, he knows that I will care for him, BUT he doesn't know I am mom and he doesn't know I am forever.  He still feels incredibly insecure.  I needed a sign.  I decided I  would sell my ticket and if it sold quickly then it was meant for me to stay home.  If it didn't sell before the night was over Wednesday night (this was around 7:00 pm that I was making this deal with myself) then God was telling me to pack a bag!  The ticket sold in less than an hour of me posting it.  That was it....I wasn't going anymore.  I hated the thought that I would miss out, but knew that I got my answer.  I was still in search for a 'sign.'  Well, around 3:00 a.m. I got a clear sign.  Maybe too clear!  John was sick as a dog!  He hasn't been this sick in years!  He returned to work on Friday, but barely made it.  He was tired and sore.  I was so glad I decided to stay home.  As Olivia and I enjoyed her "quiet" time watching Paw Patrol, I glanced at the monitor to see our little guy snug as a bug.

(side note..  I had the front and back doors open, so it may have been warmer than normal, but the temperature thing said 72 when I looked upstairs.  This one must be wrong!  76---that's crazy!  We like 68-70 around here.)
 I knew he could have made it, but it would not have been fun for anyone.  By Saturday he was feeling better and we enjoyed the sunshine and warm weather.  (A bit different from the snow earlier in the week!)  After gymnastics, we had a picnic on our porch, a trip to target, naps, playtime outside and dinner out with great friends!  Can't ask for a better day!! Did I miss C4C?  YES!!!!  I may or may not have stalked them all on Facebook over the weekend to see updates!  If any group of mama's understand why I needed to be here after 6 weeks of our boy being home, it would be this group though! I can't wait to see those mama's, but I know for a fact I was where I was meant to be for the weekend!

I love how Oscar has somewhat of a worried look!
Are you sure about this??
 It is fun!!  Thanks Olivia for being a great big sister! 

They made it!!

Whew!  They got me down, too!

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