Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy spring!

Thank goodness for some warm pretty days last week!  We got out and stayed until dinner time as many days as possible! 

I was sitting on the driveway enjoying some powerade and somehow a marker ended up in it.  Hmmmm......wonder who did that?!?


 Remember I said Easton is really loving this car?  Well, miss jealousy decided she would ride in it.  She really didn't play with it much when she was smaller!  As you can see, he isn't so sure about this!
She's going in....move over Easton!
 Doesn't he look thrilled for his sister to be 1.  in his lap and 2.  in his car?!?!
He may be biting her in this one....oh me, sibling rivalry is bad around here these days!


 Oscar was soaking up the rays while they argued!
After a big day outside, we definitely needed baths!  Who says you have to be in the tub?!?!

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