Thursday, April 24, 2014

When Mommy's away

A few weeks ago, I had to go work at the consignment sale.  John sent me pictures throughout the night to keep me informed.  Easton stood at the top of the stairs yelling for "Olga" for about a half hour.  For some reason, he calls me Olga.  Really, Olga?!   He typically will stand and cry, scream or pass out whenever I leave.  I can be in the back of my closet putting on my shoes and the crying starts.  So, calling out for me on this particular day wasn't anything new for him. 
Daddy loaded them up in the wagon and they walked Oscar!  Olivia is big into Anna or Elsa braids these days.  This particular day she felt like Anna!
Since it was cold out, they needed milk and hot chocolate when they got back!  They tend to get along better when I am gone.  I hate that!
This picture was last Saturday while Olivia and I had gone out to a birthday party.  We needed some girl time!  Easton decided to read to Oscar.  This kid loves books!



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