Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday of Easter Weekend

Last night, we had our glow in the dark egg hunt.  Olivia loved it again this year!  This was Easton's first hunt ever, and she let him get some.  I have a feeling this is one hunt we will be doing for years to come. 

She was so excited when she came out and saw the yard!

Easton had just finished a nice melt down...notice how sweaty he is?!?!  
But we didn't let a melt down slow down the fun!!
We were gonna have a glow stick bath since we haven't done that in a long time, but it was really late.  So, all those glow sticks went to bed with Olivia. 
 The glowsticks were used to light up Oscar.
 Poor fella!
 And then put in the cup for her night light! 
Saturday morning we got up and went to gymnastics just like every Saturday.  She had fun and then it was back to our neighborhood egg hunt.  She was so shy that she actually missed out, but had fun once she warmed up afterward.  Easton was just sight seeing at this point.
She decided that maybe she should look around for some eggs.  Sorry kiddo....they are long gone!
So she picked pine cones off the tree.  She was a bit upset on the way home that she didn't get many.  I explained that she needed to take off when we first got there like everyone else.  Maybe next time!
Our sweet little neighbor is determined to hug Easton.  I don't know why, but he will not have it.  Keep tryin' sweet girl!
After the neighborhood egg hunt, we got ready and went to a Frozen birthday party.  This kid has been so excited about this party.  She has carried around the invitation and counted the days down!
She loved their play set!  Doesn't every princess climb?!
Things were great until Anna and Elsa showed up.  She sunk into me.  Actually at one point she pushed between my legs and was behind me.  Poor thing.  I have told her for at least a month that they were coming.  Nope, not interested!  I wish she would have gotten into it.  She would have LOVED it if she would have let herself. 
While Anna and Elsa were signing books and hanging out, we went up the way to decorate snowflake cookies.  She loved doing this.  She made two!
Whew, Anna and Elsa left.  She immediately relaxed and got into the party.  She sat and watched the birthday girl open all of her presents and played without me right there with her. 
We stayed and enjoyed a cookout, playtime and another egg hunt.  This time, this kid was ALL over it. 
These two get along great!  I love Olivia's little hand around Harper. 

Easton has discovered climbing this last week, so he wasn't interested in this egg hunt.  He wanted to climb up and slide down!

Wait a minute, this one was hidden up here in the play area.  Hmmm......should I look for eggs or slide?!

....because it is SOOOO much FUN!!!


 After a fun day of being out and about, this kiddo was happy to see his home when we pulled in.  After walking Oscar, baths, stories, and prayers, these two quickly fell asleep! 













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