Friday, April 18, 2014

No more...

Before I returned to work (several catch up blogs coming), I wanted to have Easton off of his bottle.  It is common for kids in Korea to come home on a bottle, but I knew that I wanted to get rid of that quickly due to age and the condition of his teeth.  We used them for the initial hump of grieving.  In mid -February I tried taking it away at nap and giving him water in a sippy.  It worked!!!  We waited until early March before trying it at night just for him to get use to the idea of not having one when going to sleep at nap. He did really well with that and we let that ride for a while.  He really loves a blue puppy that we gave him in December in Korea, and that is now his snuggle thing instead of a bottle.   He now goes down without anything!  Yay Easton!  He still sleeps through the night and I don't have to worry about more teeth rotting.  I love a baby on a bottle and that bonding time, but he isn't a baby.  I can't treat him like one, even though I would have loved that time with him, that wasn't how it happened for us.  I rock him to continue bonding with him, and he doesn't seem to look for his bottle.  He loves a sippy during the day and we will move to cups this summer!   

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