Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter weekend!

We kicked off the long weekend with another trip to the doctor.  Our house currently has 8 ear infections.  Yep, 8!!!  Me, Olivia, Easton and Oscar all have double ear infections.  I started feeling crummy last Wednesday, and felt like death on Sunday.  By mid week my ears were killing me.   Last Friday I started a zpac trying to kick this mess myself, but it didn't work.  I finally had to go to the doctor.  I now have meds and started them today, so hopefully I will feel great by Easter.  Olivia and Easton went to the doctor right after I got off work yesterday and they both had double ear infections as well.  They have bubble gum medicine.  Yum!!  They seem better today.  Unfortunately, they shared their germs with Mammy and Buppy.  They now feel crummy. 

These are the treats for Olivia's friends at school.  No worries, she didn't touch them and I scrubbed my hands.....just a quick sanitary note.  :)  She went on to school (not temp, just ear aching) to get to do the Easter Egg Hunt.  Poor thing.  It seems like almost every time there is a holiday thing at school that she is sick.  She had fun, but I know she didn't feel her best. 

Last night after dinner and baths we dyed our eggs.  Olivia got to pick out which set they got, and she chose the tie dye ones.  Oh me!  She had torn up the box opening it so I spent a bit of time finding the instructions on Google.  Olivia kept saying, "this is the best Easter EVER!!"

 We stayed up late and they had a blast.  We had eggs and dye everywhere!  My white kitchen towels aren't white anymore, but that's what its about, right?!  Tonight we are going to have our glow in the dark egg hunt.  Olivia remembered this from last year!!!  Luckily, we can do it outside this year.  Last year it was pouring the rain.  It is suppose to be gorgeous this entire weekend.   


Oscar wasn't impressed!







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