Wednesday, April 23, 2014


The first Thursday of every month is Bunco.  I have been playing for several years and Olivia ALWAYS loves when it is our month.  This year, we needed a sub.  Enter Olivia!  SHE.HAD.A.BLAST!!!!  She actually won 2nd place---and didn't cheat to my knowledge.  This kid has come a long way.  Use to, she wouldn't even speak to this many people, let alone sit at a table and play with people she didn't know without one of us with her!  She had to take a break mid game to go put on her pj's, but she jumped right back in! 

I love this girl  SUPER BIG!!!!

She just asked this past week when Bunco will come back to our house!  I told her next March and she cheered.  Don't grow up too fast little one. 

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