Saturday, April 19, 2014


 Is it snowing constantly at your house?  Can we "let it GO!"  Olivia puts the cd in and turns it up full blast and sings and dances. 

She fell in love with Frozen before she ever saw it.  Her cousin, Annelyn had told her all about it!  This is the first movie that Olivia just can't get enough of!
We make snowflakes daily!  Typically she likes to be called Elsa.  Her hair is braided like Elsa or Anna on any given day.  Oh my!  Too bad the stores can't seem to keep the toys in stock!  She may be getting some in the near future! ;)

Even Easton is getting into the song "let it go."  He was cuddling in my lap and this song came on John's Pandora, and before I could do anything he was down and dancing.  Too cute!!

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