Saturday, June 9, 2012

End of School Program

A few weeks ago, Olivia ended her Mothers Day Out with a program on Friday, May 18. (yes....I know I am behind!) The program was called, "Our Little American Blessings." We got a letter a couple of weeks before the program asking us to practice the songs. So, every night we would practice. Ok, really it was John and I singing the songs and Olivia doing the dancing, but we were practicing. The night of the show came and we looked at how packed the church was. I immediately said, "I give her 10 seconds up there!" John said that seemed a little long to him! To our great surprise, she stayed the entire time! It was quite comical. She did the motions, but the best part was when she looked at her friend next to her while singing the wheels on the bus and said, "too fast! Slow down!" She did her hands showing him to slow down. I loved it. She is quite the sassy one! I wish I knew how to post videos on is very funny. Yes, we have watched it a ton of times!
I have to say, I felt sorry for her when everyone stood up for the pledge. She had the look of fear in her eyes. Occasionally, I still see that sad look of fear that we saw so much of when she first came home. It makes me feel so sad and bad for her. I could tell she was looking for us during the program. I think she spotted us, but she was not waving. All in all, I was VERY proud of my "Little KOREAN-American Blessing." She is such a huge blessing!

Our little star!

Definitely not feeling it! Overwhelmed.

The mama's on the bush go shh, shh, shh!

The horn on the bus goes beep, beep, beep!

I'm squishing up a baby bumblebee, won't my mommy be so proud of me!

She did it!!!!

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