Monday, June 11, 2012

A Quick Getaway

Last week, we headed to Gatlinburg for a quick getaway. We went with our friends Brandon, Ashley and Everley. We saw a groupon that was too good to pass up. We decided to try to go to Dollywood and Splash Country since we were unable to go last summer because Olivia got sick. It looked like we were going to have to cancel again this year due to John's work, but he was able to work it out for us to go last minute. The goal was to leave last Monday around 6:30 when John got off work. Well, at 10 p.m. we were leaving town. So, off to a late start, but we made it! We arrived to our hotel around 3:30 a.m. and fell into bed. Brandon, Ashley and Everley got up and headed for Pancake Pantry, but we hung back. We all were ready to head for Splash Country at 10:30.

The park wasn't crowded and everyone was ready for fun! The water was COLD, but that didn't slow us down (much). The girls enjoyed the small water areas and lazy river and the big kids enjoyed some slides and tube rides. Olivia took her nap as normal, but it was just in a lounge chair. We finished up the day at the park and were the last ones out at closing time. We returned to the hotel, got cleaned up and headed back out for dinner at Bubba Gumps.
Wednesday morning we got up and were ready to head out at 8 for Dollywood! Brandon and Ashley decided they would join us later as they had a rough night, so me, John and Olivia went to the pancake pantry and then on to Dollywood. We rode the carousel first and then Olivia wanted to ride the Choo Choo! So, we got on and in no time the poor thing was asleep. She was still tired from her busy day on Tuesday and all the fresh air I guess. When we got off, Brandon, Ashley and Everley had gotten there. We told them to go on and we would catch up since Olivia had fallen asleep.

She quickly woke up when we started to walk, and was ready to ride! We went and rode the few rides that she met the height requirement for and rode them several times. She didn't care....she was having fun! Olivia also enjoyed riding the flying elephants, the bumblebee ride, the pigs and ducky rides, "driving" the Corvette on the Rockin' Roadway, and the lemon twist.

Since Everley is taller, she was able to ride a roller coaster and a few other rides, but they mostly stuck together on the rides. We ate lunch and then John wanted to ride the new ride there. It was called Wild Eagle. While he rode that, Brandon and I took the girls on River Battle. I wasn't too pumped about this one, but Olivia wanted too, and apparently it is one of Brandon's favorite rides there. Ashley stayed with our stuff and kept an eye out for John. Neither of the girls were overly thrilled on this one, but we made it through. We went over to see the eagles that they have there and the girls seemed to enjoy looking at them. Olivia wanted to ride the train one more time and Everley wanted to go play. So, we went separate ways. Olivia fell asleep again to which we knew it was time to call it a day. We ran into Brandon and Ashley as I was texting them to tell them we were headed out, and she was texting me at that same time to tell me the same. They went back to rest a bit, and we headed over to the outlets. My current rule is shopping is only allowed if I have a gift card. Lucky for me I have saved a few years worth of GC's at the Loft. They had a ton of cute stuff and I was able to get some! I also had a couple of cards for Olivia, so she got a few cute things too. They have a ton of little ride on things at the outlet, and before we left we let Olivia ride one.

Well, what were we thinking spending money to go to Dollywood when she was happy as a clown on these?!?!? Go figure!
On Thursday we headed back to splash country. Olivia was too tired to enjoy the day and ended up whining her way through. We stayed and played until about 4:30 and then headed back to the hotel for a nap. She had already had a great nap at the park, but was still asking to go night night. We met back up and enjoyed dinner at Applebarn and then attempted to go get ice cream, but they had already closed. Friday morning we got up and all went to the Pancake Pantry (can you believe NO lines!!!) After breakfast we went to feed the bears and then it was time for us to hit the road back home.

We had a great, short getaway that was very much needed and appreciated at this house! We always love traveling with Brandon, Ashley and Everley and look forward to our time with them. I can't wait to hit the road again!

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