Sunday, June 24, 2012

Olivia's 3rd birthday party....Bubble Guppy style!

Yesterday we celebrated Olivia's 3rd birthday with a Bubble Guppy themed party.

She had a great time! I had a few last minute disasters, but nothing that affected anyone but me and my OCD personality. Apparently, when you don't see the news for a few days you miss out on knowing that there is a helium shortage. What?? Are you kidding me?!?! So, an hour into the party, the balloons finally arrived. My sister in law had been looking for helium for almost 2 1/2 hours! Thank you Carla! I really appreciate you working so hard to make it happen! Thanks to my mother in law who sat and and folded the tissue and helping me fan out 20 tissue balls.

I didn't have stuff out and ready when people arrived like I wanted, but I was close. Luckily mom, dad, my sister, brother in law, aunts and uncles got here 30 min. early and we got the majority of it out. Also, thanks to dad--he came over mid morning and helped us with finishing up the yard. Of course I hadn't showered, but got one quickly and was back out. Dang it if I couldn't find the candles when it was time for cake! I knew I bought green squiggly candles a week ago. I brought them down yesterday, but in my flurry to get everything out, I put a pan on top of them and couldn't find them when it was time to sing happy birthday. Olivia, I promise you will have candles on Wednesday for your real birthday. I didn't think through the wind blowing over the characters and the heat not allowing glue dots to hold up Olivia's 12 mos. of pictures on the wall.

Praise the Lord for Danyell! That girl knew before the party that she would be in charge of pictures. I don't think I would have any otherwise.

So, the pluses.....I think everyone enjoyed themselves! The food was good and it wasn't miserably hot outside (but definitely hot enough!).

My aunt and uncle from DC said they were coming this summer. When they called mom to tell us when, it happened to be this weekend, so we got to enjoy having them here for the party! My other aunt, uncle and cousins came in from Chattanooga. I love anytime I get to spend with my family!

Love this because Olivia got her little blue chair and pulled it over (absolutely NO prompting) to be taller like Annelyn!

Karen, or better known now as KK has finished her missionary time in Mexico and she and her family are moving back. She has been traveling a ton this summer, but luckily, she was in town and able to come to Olivia's party! We have been friends since we were two.

I hope our girls will be friends and make lots of good memories together!

I noticed that most of the kiddos swam this summer.

Last summer they enjoyed bubbles and the smaller water area. We did have bubbles set up and "make your own bubble wand," and a slip and slide, but they mostly wanted to swim.

Works for me! :) I also noticed some kiddos on the swing set.

I am so glad that we have a big back yard that allows for the kids to do different things and be happy!!! I can't believe yesterday has come and gone. Isn't amazing that you work so hard to do something and it is over before you turn around? I am so thankful for all of the friends and family that were able to come!

In the end....when I have stepped back from the party, I am happy. I really have had to verbalize/write down the party so I could see the successes. In the end...Olivia had a GREAT time, and that is all that really matters, right?!?! You can see in the pictures that she was having fun and genuinely a happy girl! I am so blessed to call her my daughter!

Here are some additional pictures of the party and decorations. Again, thank you to all who came, helped and loved on my little one. We are truly blessed by each and every one of you!!!

Her banner for this year.

I was very pleased with her towel.

"Thanks for popping over!"

Enjoying our dinner on Olivia's new picnic table. Thanks Mammy and Bubby! See Oscar? That was something else that didn't get done....he was suppose to go to mom and dad's house, but we never got him there! He ate a TON of chicken last night!!! Sorry if he stole some from your plate. Gotta watch your food with him around. All bets are off when it comes to chicken and Oscar.

Ashley, did you make that tea?? ha! ha! ha! My mother in law made it, but her husband asked Ashley to carry it in on her way in, so several people told her it was good and asked how she made it.

Present time!!!

My friend, Paige, made the cake! It was yummy!!

She LOVED the cake and ice cream!

Happy Birthday to my sweet, sweet girl!!!!


  1. Looks like the birthday girl had a perfect day! She is so beautiful!

  2. I am happy to take pictures any time. So glad they turned out so well. We had a great time, as always!! :) Love you guys and that sweet Asian kiddo.