Sunday, February 2, 2014

Friday Playdate!

Olivia is a love!!  She is beautiful, sweet, smart, funny and sassy.  However, one might not see these qualities in a first meeting if it is a brief meeting.  She is fearfully shy.  She is easily scared and shuts down.  She is an observer before jumping in.  Once she has made up her mind she isn't playing or ain't happenin' folks!  No bribe, joke, punishment, or sweet talk will change her mind.  Let's put it this way, when she first came home and I would tickle her, and she would just stare at me.  This girl is beyond ticklish.  Now, if you look like you are coming at her to tickle her she laughs hysterically.  She doesn't allow people 'in' easily.  I can't blame her, but I want to help her through it!   So.....any mama help here is greatly appreciated.  Add all that in PLUS being a new big sister and this girl has had some rough days.  Heartbreaking I tell ya!
To help her, I have decided that while I am home we can have more play dates!  Olivia LOVES to play and was super excited when I told her I had invited her friend over from school.  I was excited to see how it would turn out, and they had a blast!!!  They played doctor, did some gymnastics, played legos, Doc McStuffins, Sophia, and more!!  These two did amazing all day together! 

So glad they had a great day!!!!  Olivia is ready to do it again!
No worries, Easton hung out with me.  The girls didn't want him following them around.  They are big girls ya know!  He decided he has a friend that he had fun sharing snack with. 

I laugh at this one because it looks like he is showing him how to open his mouth to get the bite.  Easton laughs hysterically when Oscar takes a bite from him. 

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