Saturday, February 8, 2014

VU appointment

Monday was Easton's doctors appointment at Vanderbilt International Clinic.  Olivia stayed at Mammy's house while we went.  As we were heading in, we saw the sweet couple that we met in Korea.  They were there for their appointment for their son.  We checked in together and their name was called quickly.  We waited a few minutes and then we were called back.
  Dr. Rothman was running behind so we waited in a conference room and played with some toys and eat a mid morning snack.  Easton didn't seem to mind and it was a nice change of scenery and neither did I.
  Dr. Rothman came in and we got started.  She asked some general questions and then answered my list of questions.  We moved to an actual office and she was able to check him out.  Easton wasn't a fan!  He got his TB test and we got our 'poop catcher' and headed on our way. 
When we were done, we headed over to the 10th floor for the dreaded bloodwork.  The ladies here insisted that they hold him during it rather than me.  After about 10-12 tubes of blood it was time to head back home to get our sweet girl.

 It was a long day, but all in all he did great!  We return next week for some more tests and then hopefully we are done for a while. 




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  2. I deleted my above comment because it had so many typos! Just wanted to introduce myself. I've been reading your blog since you brought Olivia home during the very first difficult weeks. Then my husband and I moved to a new home and I forgot to check in and finally forgot how to find you online. I just saw a bookmark on my laptop to your blog a couple weeks ago and was delighted to find that you and your husband were finally able to bring your beautiful son home. I am so happy for you. I just felt a bit guilty peeking into your life without letting you know of my existence! Your posts are great and one day Olivia and Easton will be able to read them too. What a wonderful gift to both of them.