Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Superbowl Sunday

Well, if anyone watched the game, it wasn't much of a game.  John's mom had us all over for dinner and to watch the game.  Easton and Olivia seemed to steal the show though.  Olivia had a tea party, made origami and watched the puppy bowl with her aunt and cousins.  Easton played pots and pans, ate and ate some more.  At one point, the two made a game out of the coke cans.  Bless whoever opens them!  Pretty sure they will spew everywhere!

Let's see how high we can stack the cans before they fall!!!  Easton decides he would rather drink them!

 He thinks his big sister is hilarious!!

  A 4 eyed monster!!! 
These two are better than any game, any day or any multi-million dollar commercial!  I would much rather be hanging out with them!

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