Thursday, February 13, 2014

A month of Easton!

A month ago today, Easton was put in our arms forever.  A little boy who I questioned why he didn't grieve immediately has begun to show his fears over the last month.  I think while we were in Korea with him he thought he was just hanging out with us.  He didn't know (and I don't think he still knows) that this is forever. 

He is learning us and we are learning him.  He still has days of being just plain angry.  Can we blame him??  No.  I would be, too.  He wants his Omma and Appa.  He wants his food, his smells, his home.  He is becoming more comfortable with us, but still is unable to communicate much with us.  We hear a lot of babbling and a few words (we think) in between.  Has it been a good month?  Yes.  Has it been a hard month?  YES!  We have had many hard days, but every day there is something to smile about even if it is just momentarily. 
What is Easton doing after being home a month?
  • He answers to Easton now.  We no longer need to call just his Korean name or both names.
  • He signs more, eat, all done and please.
  • He can touch his nose, ears, eyes (careful on that one--he may poke them out!), and show you his tongue when asked. 
  • He can put his hands on his head when told "hands up" as this is the only clean way to change a diaper around here!
  • He sleeps through the night by himself in his own bed!!!!!!!!!!
  • He says Oscar, mommy (a few times), cups, and dad
  • He can point to us in a picture when asked where is mommy?  Where is daddy?
  • He points to himself when asked where is Easton.  No worries....he also points to himself when asked where is mommy! 
  • He loves his sister!
  • He gives kisses and hugs when asked.  If he is happy he may shake his head no when you get close to get a kiss and giggle. 
  • He laughs at Jesus Loves Me when I say, "they are weak but He is strong."
  • He is trying a lot of new food!  Spaghetti, chicken, meatloaf, green beans, chicken and dumplings, mac and cheese, corn, cereal, yogurt, apple juice, banana bread, waffles, chicken casserole, chicken pot pie, snack foods, etc.
  • He is venturing to other toys.  The first days at home he would only play with his stacking cups.
  • He loves for us to read to him.  He will hold up a book and pretend he is reading.
  • He is getting pretty good at climbing the stairs.
 We were hanging out in our room today, and Easton walked off for a moment and came from the kitchen with a bowl.  He is signing eat here.  He took off running and we were still in the room laughing. 

John followed to find him here.   
 Choices....what do I want?? 
Eat!  Don't you understand, I just want to eat!!!  Feed me!!! This is any given moment of the day.  I remember Olivia doing this when she came home.  Its as if they can't get enough to eat initially.
I cannot believe it has been a month already!  Somehow, those 645 days of waiting with many tears, worries and prayers have vanished in the last month.  He is here.  I can hug him, kiss him and hold him anytime.  God is good!  Such a blessing to have our boy home after waiting and watching for 2 years.  Do we still have hard days ahead?  Yep!  Can we get through it together?  Absolutely!  I know that in time, he will feel more comfortable with us.  His language will develop and he will know this is home and we are his family.  I may be frazzled and at my max with him, but then I rock him and look at those gorgeous eyes and that sweet face and I melt right back in love with him. 
I am one lucky mama to have two amazing kids.  It didn't just happen.  It wasn't a clear cut and dry 9 months.  God knew though.  God knew the exact moment that each of our children were to come home to us.  God knew that Olivia and Easton were made to be with John and I.  I am beyond blessed.  Happy one month in our arms and many more kiddo!  (oh....and don't you love his shirt that I got in Namdaemun?!)

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  1. Wishing you four countless blessings and a lifetime of love, happiness and smiles. Hugs from us both!