Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

On Thursday I got to go to Olivia's school and help with the Valentine Party.  Since I am usually at work, this was a huge treat!  I was afraid that she would cling to me and get shy, but she didn't!  She was amazing.  She sat in her spot and participated with her classmates.  That was so good for me to see.  After they were done with their lunch they passed out valentines.  From there, they got to do 'centers.'  Her teacher had them rotate to 5 different places.  Her teacher asked if I could stay and help do centers.  I made a heart owl with them and rather than coming to me, Olivia stayed and participated in each center.  She came over once, but it was for a quick second.  I was even able to walk in and out of the room helping others put their valentine bags away!  Who is this kid?!?  I was proud of her!

She loves glowsticks!  She gets one everynight before going to bed.  This is her 'night light' of sorts. 
A sweet treat for her teacher.

For Friday, I got up and went to work for a bit to celebrate Valentine's day with my class.  My interim was having breakfast for them.  Olivia decided last minute that she wanted to join me.  When we came home, I had a scavenger hunt planned for her and Easton.  She loved this!!!  She had to go to each clue in order to find her gift.  Before we started, she ran upstairs and came down with a gift, balloon, flowers and a card.  She picked every bit out by herself is what I was told.  I kinda think she did!!  She liked the flowers with the 'spotses,' a butterfly kaboon (balloon), a phone charger, and sweet card. 

No sweet have your words backwards.  YOU are the best, and I am the luckiest!!

Here is the scavenger hunt.  There are pictures below of her finding each one, but this will help you follow along!

She flew up the stairs after figuring out the first clue to see if she was right. 

 A bit excited at this point!!

If you look closely, you can see hearts all along the sidewalk.  Yep, it was quite cold doing this at midnight Thursday night!  But so worth it!

Their gifts were left in a large heart with their names on them.  :)

Once the fun of our scavenger hunt was over it was time for us to go to our appointments for Easton at Vanderbilt.  He had an EKG and vision scheduled for the day.  No fun!

then laughing....

and screaming a lot more! 



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  1. What a sweet and very special Valentine's Day--you are such a great mommy! Thanks for your sharing your adventures, the ups and downs, and the joys you experience both individually and as a family. Looking forward to reading more and more and more!