Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Splish splash.....

They are takin' a bath!!!! Olivia LOVES her bath!  She loves a glow stick bath, but when she asked to have one I said, "yes, but Easton can't have one just yet.  It may scare him too much.  I will bathe you and then bathe him later."  She immediately said that she no longer wanted one that she would rather take her bath with him.  This has been the case for every bath since we got home!!  Easton likes it once he has gotten use to the water and then is mad again when its time to get bathed.  He will get there.....just not a huge fan yet. 

This is how every bath (and everything else) starts....time varies on how long it lasts.  For bath it is getting better.  At this point, his diaper hasn't been taken off and he is standing outside of the bathtub here. 
5-7 minutes of that above screaming and then you get this.....
Maybe even some happy playtime between them during the bath!
And when its over, success....two clean kiddos and a handsome Oscar!!!

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  1. They are just two of the most adorable kiddos! You guys are a fabulous family of four and so happy for you. :-)