Friday, July 19, 2013

22 mos

I cannot believe our little one is 22 months old. We got new pictures this week and also found out he is now receiving some therapy a few times a week. Hopefully that will help him and he will be able to gain in some areas. I loaded the picture on my phone and told Olivia to take it over to daddy.  She looked at it and said, "look daddy, he is walking now!!"  I loved that she noticed that!
He currently weighs a heavty 23 pounds. If he doesnt come home soon, he really will be bigger than Olivia (she is 29 lbs.)!  It blows my mind that we have waited for 16 almost 17 months for him to come home. I honestly dont know if he will be home this year, but we will continue to pray in that direction. Look how much our little guy has changed!!!
5 mos at referral

22 mos.

Hurry home little one!!! 

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