Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Birthday Nell!

My friend MaryLeigh is one creative mama!  I love to see what she comes up with and for her daughter's birthday, she did a random act of kindess day.  The theme during their wait for her to come home has been Love Big.  So, today, Olivia and I put on our love big shirts and we all headed out to show some kindness and love big for Miss Nell's 2nd birthday.  We already had a play date planned today which worked out great!  We all went swimming to start the day!  We had planned that we would do 6 acts of kindness, and we only got to 5.  We may roll the other one over to tomorrow.  That's ok, right?!  We came up with our acts, which ended up being some of the same ones that MaryLeigh did, but that's ok...different town.  I loved that we had Nora with us today because her dad is a local police officer.  She felt like a star!  So, we prepared our acts of kindness and attached this note to them.  I loved doing this and we all had fun!!!  Thanks MaryLeigh for a great birthday for Nell!  We wish she were here with us, and we can't wait for her to be home!


We worked up an appetite swimming so we headed to Chick-Fil-A.
 I didn't take a picture, but I put the card on top of a gift card and we handed it to a lady as we were leaving.  She came up to us once she got her order (John had stopped to talk to someone) and said, "I know you placed that in my hand, but that was God.  I lost my job last week and just needed something like this!"  WOW!  What a start!!! 

Next we went over to the fire station to take some cookies.  Olivia loves to go there.  When she gets too loud in church, she and John walk over and look at the "whoo woos" so she was super excited to get to go today!  Somehow, the girls made out pretty good with loot today! 

They left with hats and whistles!  Thanks guys, we love the whistle!! ;)
We walked across the street to take some goodies to the police station.  Nora was particularly excited about this one!  Everyone there knew her.  We got to go down to find some policemen, but they weren't to be found.  Finally, a lieutenant came up to see the girls.  Here they got two huge stuffed animals!  Hmmm......I don't think we were suppose to be leaving WITH stuff!

Our next stop was out to my mom's best friends' house where we picked some gorgeous flowers!  I knew Nora's mom needed to smile today, so we picked her some flowers and made her a bouquet.  I think she liked them! 


Olivia was over it by this time!  It was hot and she didn't like the "sticky" flowers.

It was time to get Nora home, and we also delivered the flowers to her mom!  We came on home and gathered our popcicles to take to the construction workers in our neighborhood.  They don't speak English and I don't know Spanish, but the note was on it and I am sure someone was able to read it for them.  I am hoping they enjoyed the popcicles in this heat!!!! 

Our #6 act of kindness will be tomorrow.  We ran out of time because I was at work cleaning and trying to get ready for the upcoming school year.  So, tomorrow we will go to sweet cece's and leave a gift card for someone to enjoy ice cream on us.  This family loves ice cream and I can't think of a better way to end our acts of kindness!!  What a great day!
Happy Birthday Nell!!!  We love you and can't wait for you to be home!


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