Saturday, July 13, 2013

Happy 4th of July (a little late)

The week of the 4th brought a lot of rain!  Luckily, a local firework show did theirs the night before.

We went with our great friends Danyell and Levi to Chick Fil A before heading out to enjoy the fireworks. 
Olivia wanted to hug for a picture

Unfortunately, Jim Jim (as Olivia likes to call him) had to haul hay.  We missed him, but had fun nonetheless.  Levi was tired, but he did amazing!
We were so close that we could feel the firework dust falling on us. 

On the 4th, we hung out at home and played inside.  It was pouring!!!  For dinner we went to my parents house and had a great meal.  Steak, potatoes, salad and homemade ice cream!  Joining us this year was mom's high school best friend.  We love her and have always thought of her as family, so it was a nice addition to our table. 

We went outside where it had gotten quite chilly....especially for a southern July!  Local fireworks began despite the rain so we ventured home so we could watch them on the way. 

By the weekend, the rain had finally cleared and we went to John's dads' house to enjoy fireworks done by his dad.  There we enjoyed homemade peach ice cream.  What is it about the homemade ice cream this summer?  We aren't sure, but we sure do love it!!!

Happy late 4th!  What an amazing day!  It is wonderful to live in this country.  I hope Olivia grows up proud being a citizen of this country, but also remembering her Korean roots.  We proudly will fly both flags around here!!!






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