Wednesday, July 31, 2013

9 years ago today

We said I do! 
We celebrated today by going to dinner at PF Chang's!  We then went to Lowe's.  I just doesn't get any better, right?  Yep, I am right!!  My parents very kindly offered to keep Olivia, but we wanted her to go with us.  Tomorrow starts back the everyday grind for us and we know that our time is limited once we are back to work full force, so a babysitter was not optional in our mind.  I am not so sure about that smile she has with me, but its the best we got.  It's much better than the one with her mouth wide open and full of a fortune cookie.  If you look at the one in the car of me and John, you can see her leaning to get in the picture.  We love that kid so much and we are lucky to spend our anniversary with her!   
Happy Anniversary, John!!!  Nine years ago we stood in front of God, our families, and our friends and promised forever to each other.  Forever is hard, but I am glad I get to spend it with you!  We have had lots of ups and lots of downs.  A lot of laughter, tears, great memories and some that we may want to forget.  I am glad that you walk with me everyday of this journey called life.  Who knew 9 short years ago (I know it feels like 30 years, but only 9 deary!) we would be where we are today.  I did not see our paths going in many directions that it has, but I am so grateful that He saw it before we walked it, and He has provided.  I am looking forward to actually getting to 30 years and many more!  Just think, by then you will be basically senile so you won't realize it's will think its only just begun!  Thanks for taking me....all of me.  The good, the bad, the happy, mad, very sarcastic, whiny, angry, goofy, non decision making self that I am.  Only you could put up with me.....I know that cause you have told me a million times.  I love you!  Thanks for all you do.  Thanks for the things that I don't recognize as items on the 'list'  that you take care of.  But, while I am being nice, I will just slide in that there is a two page list waiting for you on the kitchen table.  :)
Here's to many more!!!

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