Sunday, July 28, 2013


BIG NEWS folks!!!  EP submission means we have movement!!!  Easton's EP was submitted and we got a call Friday mid morning to let us know.  Unfortunately, his birth mother still has not come forward, so I fear we may hit a snag or slow down.  It looks like we could, COULD have him home this year.  I don't want to get my hopes too high, but I am seeing a glimmer of hope!  Now that he is EP submitted, we wait for approval and then the court will give us a date.  This is not a fast process, so we knew this one step is an exciting one, but now we wait some more.  Days between submission and court approval for the families before us appear to be anywhere between 30-60 days.  However, the courts are on "vacation" until August 11, so that will give us another slowdown.  Once we have been approved by the court, we will then wait for a court date.  This appears to be 15-20 days.  From here, we wait to travel which has been running another 40 days or so. is the layout for what is ahead of us.  At least we know we are moving.  When I took these days and counted, if things go somewhat like they have for the few families that have traveled, we MAY see Korea in mid to late November.  This is a blessing and a curse.  Do you know what plane tickets to Korea cost during the holidays?!?!?!  Holy cow they are expensive.  I was so hoping to go in October before it gets super cold, but I don't see that happening unless they speed up the process to get more kiddos home before the end of the year.  Seeing as so few have come home this year, I am hopeful to see that happen.  Who knows?!?!?  We will continue to wait, pray and wait some more.  Our sweet boys birthday is quickly approaching.  I never dreamed he would be over two coming home!!!!  As long as he comes home, I am good!  This mama is tired of waiting.  I did love that we got our EP submitted on the exact date of us waiting 16 months!  Good news people, good news!!!

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