Monday, July 1, 2013

Party prep

We had all the boxes undone.  However, tool boxes, drills, and skrew drivers were still in the house and lots of work to be done, but it was time for Olivia's birthday party!!  She had looked forward to having a painting party for some time.  One morning, we put on our painting clothes and headed out to get our tablecloths ready for the party. 
We now have a bit of a pink and purple driveway, but hey, that's ok.  We had fun!!

There was a lot to be done and not a ton of time to do it. 


The centerpieces came together fairly quickly!  Thank you Container Store for having great paint cans. 

Olivia found some great Melissa and Doug canvases with the paint, brush and palette already included.  Before putting them out at the party, we had to try one to be sure the paint would work well!  She had fun getting to spend some much needed one on one time during this. 

The canvases were great!  How was her party you ask?  Great!  We had some faces missing that we were really hoping to see, but Olivia had a great time with the friends that came.  I cannot believe my girl is 4!


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