Thursday, January 30, 2014

Off to spend the night!

Over Christmas break, Olivia wanted to spend the night at my parents house.  She LOVES to do this.  We don't do it often because she stays there during the week, and I feel bad for them to have her that much, but she was really wanting to.  Just as I settled in to watch Grey's Anatomy on our DVR (around 11:00 pm) our phone rang.  She wanted to come home.  Luckily, we only live 4 miles away.  I sent John and settled back in for Grey's.  ;)
Monday night of this week, she wanted to go back to their house.  She told me she wanted to stay the whole week!  It had been that kind of day around here.  She packed her bag, got her school things and was ready.  We ate dinner and gave her a bath because she had MDO Tuesday.  She literally came around the corner looking like this and said, "ready!!!" 



This guy was under the weather, so he was extra fussy.
 I don't know what his "normal" is yet, but he hasn't acted like this and he looked pitiful.  It was a great night for Olivia to go to Mammy and Buppy's.  Easton has been sleeping through the night but didn't nap Monday.  Odd.  He didn't sleep Monday night either.  I figured he would be exhausted, but nope.
 Before Monday, Easton was going to sleep in 5-10 minutes.  Now it is taking 45 min to an hour.  He only slept an hour or so at a time.  When the school bus went by and I saw the sun come up I decided I would just lay down with him.  I was getting him to sleep and then as I would leave he would pop up.  I sat at the door, sat in the hall, and made it to the guest bedroom once.  He wasn't having it.  Maybe he just needed extra security that night?!    
 I took him back to the doctor Wednesday morning (When I called the nurse they said we should come back in--I was hoping for an over the phone solution.)  thinking it was his ears, but our doctor said it could just be the congestion causing him to feel yucky.  I told our doctor that I didn't know because its hard to distinguish grief and not feeling well at this point.  Olivia had a distinct cry.  I still remember it. 


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