Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas card out takes

I mentioned that it took 127 pictures to get 1 good one.  We started outside with a cute sign.  They successfully tore the sign up.  Here are some funny pictures when we just needed the 1.

I will just take this off and that off.....

Now run! 

Easton, whatcha doing back there?  

It looks like whoever hits the buzzer first gets a point for their team.

Hey Easton, you see that?!  Look down.  

Pardon the fella for a potty break!

My sock!  The seam on his sock was bothering him.  I was the exact.same.way!

Sit, stay and smile!  1,2, 3....ok, we will try again!

Yes!  Now print and GO! 

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