Friday, December 25, 2015

Santa Came!

Are my kids the ONLY 2 who have to be woken up to go see what Santa brought?!  I mean my sister and I use to stay up pacing.  At about 3 or 4 we would try to sleep, but we were so excited!  I hope my kids feel all the magic of Christmas as they get older and I also hope they make memories together like my sister and I did as kids.

 Ready to DIVE in and can hardly wait another minute! 

 Ready to go eat or go back to bed! 

Oscar says to move over guys!!!

Why does she look so grown up here?! 

Excited now!!

On the hunt for his next one. 

Oscar knows the drill!  He can go under any Christmas tree and find his presents!

He loved his new Paw patrol shirt !

Look at my new loot guys!

Olivia got her daddy socks!  She thought it was so funny. 

Easton got me a race car and coffee.  That's what he told John he wanted to give me, so I got a purple hot wheel and Starbucks GC.  Olivia gave me 2 necklaces and a bath and bodyworks GC.  That's one of her favorite places.  On one necklace she wrote a note saying to share with her.  Precious.  Unforgettable gifts from their little hearts. 

What do you mean that's it??

 Oh, you mean no more for me.  Look at that pitiful face!

I think he likes what his sister got him!

Pure excitement!


 Apparently before someone went to get their bath, they played with some of her new stuff.  Love the surprises on the camera!

Goodbye Skippy!  See you next year! 

What a great morning!  Off to Mammy and Buppy's to enjoy more family time, lunch and presents!!

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