Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas--round 2

We went to Daddy-Bud's and Connie's to have Christmas with them.  Olivia had a great time with their pups!
(side note---see that snazzy claw foot antique chair in the back ground?  In about an hour the cousins were sitting on it and the leg completely broke off.  Poor Connie.  She took it really well!  Thank goodness my kids weren't on it!) 

It was still so nice and warm out that we got to enjoy the huge porch as well as inside!  It was a great visit.  They always do a breakfast and it was yummy as usual!  Olivia and Easton cleared out quite a few eggs!
Easton was absolutely in love with this snow globe they had.  Glad it was durable or it wouldn't have made it through him!

Present time!  

Only 2 more sleeps until Santa! 

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