Saturday, December 12, 2015

Christmas trees

We decorate our trees here at home, go to mammy and buppy's to decorate theirs and also help with Nana and Mickmick's.  Unfortunately, we found that angels and nutcrackers don't bounce, they break into lots of tiny little pieces.  Mammy handled it really well, but packed her ornaments away this year in boxes of 'kids can help' and 'don't touch, kids'.  Adeline would check to see if they would break by throwing them on the floor and then let us know if it "blakeded" or not.  Easton got wind of what she was doing and chucked an angel across the room.  Isn't he a laugh a minute?!   Luckily, that one didn't break either.  We had fun nonetheless, and all trees looked gorgeous when finished!

Yes, that is our Christmas tree skirt around Olivia.  Based on her shirt, this was also the day we made our Chirstmas card picture.  It only took 127 pictures to get ONE good one.  I think I will post some out takes of the pictures.  Whew!

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