Saturday, December 26, 2015

Mammy and Buppy Christmas

After we finished at home, we got ready and headed to Mammy and Buppy's house.  My favorite part of Christmas is being with this entire crew!  I love every second.  I always feel safe and like life is ok when we are all together.  We zipped in and decided to let the kids play a bit.  Mom was working on lunch and she took a break so we could go open presents.  As always, they did way too much for the big kids (me, John, Leslie and Moose), but oh how we appreciate it!  Our kiddos didn't come out very shabby here either!  Good gracious from start to finish they were loved all around!  (remember round 1 at Nana's, then Daddy-buds, then Santa, then us, now Mammy and Buppy!)  It makes me tired just to think about it!
I love seeing Olivia and Annelyn become closer friends.  Olivia looks up to her so much!  They played all day together from shopkins to AG dolls to spy girls.  They had a blast together.  The little ones did well to unless they had to share!  As I am looking through pictures I realized I didn't get a single picture of my two on Christmas day in their cute outfits.  I also didn't get a single picture of the 4 of us or of just me and John.  He was at the start of a 3 day migraine and had a rough day on Christmas.  He seemed ok until lunch.  Poor guy!

Easton loves these blocks!  

 Prior to opening, "It's heavy!  Must be a skillet!"  

 Mammy got a.....grate?!  Yep!  Buppy has been doing some house updates so he gifted her with some.  

Buppy likes to try to figure out presents (I have the same sickness) and it really irritates mom and Leslie.  We have always had fun together!  

She doesn't quite have it opened yet, but she has asked mom for this piece of AG since her birthday in June!  She has played with it everyday since Christmas!

We couldn't take Peppa out of the box because she didn't want to share!  Hilarious. 

Now for her big present.....

another box!

 Nope, a completely unexpected ipad air2!  Way to go Buppy!!! 

We went and ate a great lunch and then did stockings.  After we finished, I was holding Oscar and decided he was just looking like how we all felt! His head is propped up on the table with stuff all around him and he is sound asleep! 

If you can't beam em' join em'......that's just what I did.  I went to the den, covered up and snoozed.  John was upstairs in the bonus room resting with Easton, the girls were playing, Buppy was watching a hilarious show (I watched until I fell asleep) and mom, Leslie and Moose played scrabble.  I can't think of a better way to spend the afternoon.  We all relaxed and did what we wanted, together.  Can't beat family time.  Once we all were finished, it was dinner time.  None of us were starving, but we picked and let the kids get what they wanted as well.  We enjoyed a bit more time and then headed home to get our little ones to bed.  It might have been the best Christmas ever in my book!

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