Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Christmas fun

Last week, we got to do some fun things together before the big day!  Skippy left us a gingerbread house to make.  The kids had a blast. 

 Stuffing, labeling and getting Chritsmas cards ready

Attending the advent services in the weeks leading up to Christmas.  I am a bit partial, but these two melt my heart.  They are beautiful inside and out.  

Olivia couldn't stand it any longer.  Once night she came down and brought me the present she made at school.  She decorated a plate that now sits in the kitchen on a stand.  She was so proud of her plate and I am so proud of her! 

Baking with friends....   I love Amy Corbin time!  We both eat Paleo and we have found that we enjoy cooking together.  This year we baked at our house because she sold her house.  We had an extra helper, but we had a lot of fun.  I love how patient and great she is with both of my kids.

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  1. Hey!! Your Christmas fun is really fabulous. Children are having great fun decorating gingerbread and invitation cards. For my Christmas party I arranged something excellent at one of New York venues where all my loved ones were gathered.