Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

I used to think Christmas Eve drug on and on as a kid.  It was a never ending day.  Now I know why mom has always said it is her favorite day of the season.  I soaked it in (until 11:15 and I was grumpy and wanted to go to bed!) and enjoyed all of it!  We had a great day.  We woke up to Skippy hanging around one last time!

We didn't have to be anywhere until dinner so I went for a run on a gorgeous day in shorts and a tshirt.  We still had some crafts to finish up, so we worked on those and put them out in the sun!  The kids made handprint mittens this year for the grandparents.  I thought they turned out really cute.  What's a craft without glitter?!  I had to make 5 batches of this dough.  I didn't do salt dough because I saw a recipe for "better than salt dough."  Yep, I fell for it.  I hope they are still in one piece next year.  I sprayed them with several coats of modge podge so hopefully that will help.

It was crazy warm (78 degrees when it is normally 40).  I came home and we went to the pet store for Oscar to do some shopping and then to Lowes just because we could.

We played outside and wrapped some presents.  Olivia took a lot of pride in wrapping her daddy's gifts and her brother's.  We headed over to mom's for dinner, cookie baking and a few presents to finish out the night.

Yep, that new bottle of sprinkles he is holding ended up on the floor.  Easton got a wee bit carried away.  I think he did better decorating last year.  

 Mom read a story to them, but these two goons were too busy arguing over who could sit next to Mammy.  We tried to get one on the other side, but they were not having that.  

They got Christmas pj's, but I don't think anyone got a successful picture of that.  It was late so we gathered up to head home for Santa to come.  Before we could go to bed, we got to give Skippy hugs and love.  He lifts his magic for us to do this on Christmas Eve!  

Back up little brother, I need some time with Skippy!

Giving Skippy love, but no tears this year!  We know he will come back.  

Throwing out our reindeer food!  

 I didn't know they had snuck upstairs to take pics with Skippy until I downloaded my memory card!  Too cute!

Ready and waiting for the big guy to come!

Merry Christmas Eve!  Happy early Birthday to Baby Jesus!

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