Friday, December 18, 2015

He's baaaccckkk!

 I haven't done a great job at documenting Skippy our elf this year.  He has had many adventures and has been nice!  He has hidden in the tree, built a snowman, hidden candy canes, roasted marshmallows, made donuts, taken a spa day, brought a gingerbread house to build, flown from the fan, drew on a map picture,  and was found riding on the reindeer.  Olivia jumps up each morning to find where he is.  A few days she thought he didn't show up.  Her behavior has been fine, but Easton has good days and bad ones.  

Easton....did you do this?!  Look at that face!

No Easton, it's ok, Skippy did it!  

 It's hard when Easton doesn't quite understand not to touch the elf.  He knows now!  He gets close and says, "Hi skippy! No touch!"

We came home from our last day of school before break and Skippy had left us a note.  They had to find 12 hidden candy canes.  Olivia had a blast!

Even Oscar joined in helping look for the candy canes. 

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