Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve we woke up to a message from Skippy our elf!
  Apparently, he had fun with post its the night before!!

We got ready to head to our annual breakfast at John's dads' house.  It is always yummy!  After we were all stuffed, we opened some presents.  Olivia was super excited to help pass out gifts this year.


She was one happy girl with her new Doc dress up!!  She put it on immediately, but I didn't get a picture because she ran off.  She examined several people and didn't want to take it off when it was time to leave! 
After we left, I called mom to see what time she wanted us to come over.  I figured she would say, "now," but she needed a bit more time.  Going to Korea kind of put us all behind, so she needed a few more hours. 
We got to mom's and Leslie and her family came shortly after.  There were two VERY excited girls that were squealing and running around.  They got sent upstairs to work a puzzle!

Annelyn fell out of the picture laughing so hard at Olivia.  They are a matched pair these days!

Look at them taking turns....good job girls!  Ok, when we went back downstairs, they probably started fussing over it, but it looks like they are sharing here.
Ready for cookie baking!!

...Oscar is ready, too!

Olivia is still decorating even while this one is being put onto the pan.  She got a bit carried away with her first one. 

Each Christmas Eve we open two presents. 

I loved this picture because of Adeline in the background!  She is bent over smiling SO BIG!

Ready for bed!

Ages 6 1/2, 4 1/2 and 18 mos.  Wishing the 2 1/2 year old was here for this!

Mammy read two stories to the girls. 

Olivia LOVES these pop up books! 

Oscar wasn't impressed!

When we got home, we put out cookies for Santa.  Well, I put them out.  Olivia didn't want to.  She was a tad bit scared again this year. 

Santa came, but unfortunately didn't have that WOW present.  Thanks Target and your scamming.  My debit card didn't go through on an online order when all the Target stuff was happening.  She was suppose to have a gymnastics mat delivered between the 18-22nd.  I ordered it before leaving for Korea and I got the confirmation email that said, "thank you for your order...".  That is what I saw on my email, so I didn't click into it.  When you click into the email, there is a "but we were unable to process your order."  The only thing I can figure is the Target thing because I placed orders on the same card when we got back.  I bought the mat at the same time our cards were being scammed.  Stink!!  We had one mildly disappointed girl.  She kept slumping over.  I did learn on Christmas Eve that she only wanted two things.  She said, "I want the Doc McStuffins check up center and the Sophia the First desk."  Um....sorry kiddo, we didn't have either of those.  I explained to her that I looked at them back in September, but it looked like she was too big for it.  I also told her she could take her own money and buy it if she wanted.  Lesson learned....don't just tell me and Santa, "I want Doc and Sophia stuff."  Be more specific! 
As the day went on, she pepped up and seems to LOVE everything now.  It's hard to be little!!

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