Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Day 6

Today we had our court appearance.  It took literally less than 5 min.  We had a new judge and we were his third case.  He was super nice and asked minimal questions.  We are hoping and praying our final approval comes as quickly as our court appearance went!  On our way to ESWS to take the van to court we stopped and enjoyed Hello Kitty.  Olivia wasn't as excited as I had thought she would be, but this was on my list of things to do this trip with her.  Definitely a tourist place!   

Ready for court!!  Olivia had a cute smocked dress, but it is so cold we had to rethink the outfit.


 What our cake looked like .2 seconds after taking the above picture.
 I got a caramel latte (which I didn't drink because it was so hot in there!) had a cute Hello Kitty face on it. 
 What happens when a 4 year old puts her finger in it to mix it up. 
 It's a lot of pink!  Here is what her daddy thought of it. 
In truth, he secretly got the directions here (I thought we would go after court) and took us there on our way to court because we had so much spare time.  Yes, WE HAD SPARE TIME AND WERE STILL EARLY!
 Rocks with messages left in the restaurant.
 It's A LOT of PINK!!

Wating for our court appearance.  
 Here is where we appeared in court!
All in all, a good day!  I can't believe our trip is over.  Leavin' on a jet plane to head home tomorrow.  I am definitely feeling sad tonight, but we have a lot to do once we get home to get ready for Christmas.    

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