Friday, December 13, 2013

Packed and ready!

We ate dinner Wednesday night and then went over to Lotte Mart.  This is like a Wal-Mart/Target.  I love this place.  Anytime we have been before, it has been packed, but tonight it wasn't awful.  We had tried to go two times prior to this, but it was closed!  I didn't get my plum soda this trip, but no worries MaryLeigh, I am stocking up!!!!
 As we left Lotte Mart, the subway people were on strike!  Remember I mentioned the bus loads of police and we later learned that it was because the buses had gone on strike??  This was the next group....subway group. A lot of police buses were on 'stand by' but we didn't see the actual police everywhere like before.   
When we got back to the hotel, we decided to weigh our stuff to be sure we didn't have to do the bag shuffle in Korea.  We condensed bags as best we could since I had two less bags of 'stuff' (donations and care packages) to take home.  We only wanted to have three bags this time!  So, I got all the duffle like bags stuffed into other bags.  Souvenirs into one bag and laundry in a couple bags.  We had decent sized carry-ons, but they got on!  When we left we had 8 bags.  Coming home we only had 5!!  As we were packing we looked into the den and Olivia was weighing her stuff, too!


Skippy must have been getting ready to head back home, too.  We found him looking at the city out our window the Thursday morning.  
 We got up and got the airport bus by 8:30 to head there.  It is a 45 min. drive and we knew the buses would be making stops.  We got checked in and saw the Peanuts café which was one of the cafe's on my list!!!  I knew there was one in the airport, but what are the odds of it being right near our gate!  That is a huge airport!!!


After that, we still had time, and luckily, there was a playroom right next to the café.  Olivia was able to get some wiggles out!

Love this picture of the world map.  Not sure what/if I am going to do something with it, but how neat....all in Hangul!

When we got home, she and I went straight to bed.  Olivia and I had both fallen asleep in the car on the way home.  We both woke up around 3:00 this morning.  We fell back asleep and I got up for the day at 6:30 this morning.  I took a 2 hour nap!  Olivia and John slept until 4:30 this afternoon!!!  Hope they have a fun night!  This girl is heading to bed at 11:00! 

Today has been spent doing laundry and grocery shopping.  Chili for dinner and one load of laundry left!   

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