Saturday, December 7, 2013

Day 2

We slept in, which is a great thing!!!  When I woke up, I asked if John had read the blog.  I asked because I fell asleep sitting at the computer and tried to finish, but wanted to be sure.  He said, "yeah, may need to read that and fix a few things."  Apparently I had started a few thoughts and trailed off.  Blog day one is fixed and makes sense now. 

I forgot to mention who showed up here in Korea!!!  Skippy!!!  Looks like he got his flight wings and all.  He must have been tired trying to get to Korea instead of our house. 
 We started our Saturday off with an amazing breakfast.  I think this may be a daily stop!
Heading up to Seoul Tower.  Mom and Dad decided to take the tram with us this time.....last time they were in a different taxi and ended up hiking up.  We showed them what we did.  Much easier.  ;) 


Olivia got a new lock!


John and Olivia are putting the lock in the same corner we put our lock last time.  We couldn't find it, but I am sure it is there somewhere!

Trying to get a picture of Olivia at the locks.....

 Same spot as last time.  Much warmer day today, gorgeous weather and an amazing kiddo with us!!!

 This was her pick.  It is a pink and purple bear.  Would you believe she hasn't lost it yet!?!? 
 Headed back down to get on the tram.  We didn't hike down the mountain this time.  Last time we did.  Live and learn.

This is one MASSIVE city, folks!
When we got to the bottom ready for a taxi, there was a really sweet college age girl with amazing English who offered us "drinks for foreigners."  We went on, but John turned back to ask a question.  When he rejoined us we realized we needed to go back that direction for a cab.  As we walked back, this sweet gentleman spotted us (no English for him!) and he had the phrase, "free cup drink" and scooted us over to the tent where we had previously been.  I pointed to a taxi and told him, "taxi" and he just kept scooting us.  When we got back to the girl she was hysterically laughing at the man.   
 After Seoul Tower, we went to Insadong.  Immediately we spotted people with these crazy ice cream cones.  Of course we needed one!  She isn't so sure at first....

 Still sizing it up.  Looking end to end. 
 A little lick...

And devouring it.  Yummy!
 Before leaving Insadong, we saw a man doing some cool bubble tricks.  We stopped and watched for a minute. 

 On our way back to the hotel, we spotted this pretty tree!  We also spotted 30 plus tour size buses that had police written all over them.  The streets were lined with police.  I don't know how many, but I have never seen anything like it.  They all had their shields and would run to a corner and then stand.  As we drove we heard someone giving a demonstration so we wondered if they were there in case something happened or were they in training??  No one seemed alarmed and went about their normal business, but it was very interesting to say the least!!! 
We came in and Olivia played a few minutes and watched one of her "Friends of Heartlake" episodes on the computer.  She and I cuddled up on the couch and fell asleep around 6:30.  Mom and Dad came ready to go eat and she was out!!!  I had just woken up and was ready, but we couldn't get her awake.  Mom, John and Dad went to eat and Olivia and I stayed here.  I fell back asleep with her and she is still out!  It's a little after 11 p.m. now.  She was one sleepy kiddo. 

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