Thursday, December 5, 2013

Our first meeting!

We had an amazing first meeting!!!  We have one cute, feisty little guy!  I really enjoyed his foster mother and our social worker couldn't have been nicer.  God is good!!!  I really don't have many words, but these pictures seem to speak for themselves!!!  We are so happy!! 
We did learn that he has 'selective hearing' as his foster mother said.  He grieves hard and he is all or nothing.  His foster brother left in September and he cried for 10 days and refused food.  His favorite food is milk.  Hmmm......
He is having two teeth capped and two cavities filled on the 9th so our visitation date will change.  We don't know when we will see him again.  We eat with the President of ESWS and have a meeting on the 9th.   
Gotta get out and see some Seoul!  Its a gorgeous cold day here, but no wind so it is great!

My personal favorite picture from this morning!

He would laugh hysterically until he fell over each time John would do this.  We will be playing a lot of peek a boo. 


I remember a picture similar to this a couple years ago with a not so happy girl. 

Playing peek a boo and having a blast

He is a John fan! 

Time to go.  He has therapy on Friday's. 

We went back to the office and filled out the paperwork for his visa!  We were able to give him our address.  Now that makes it real folks! 


  1. Ahhhhh!!!! Makes me soo happy to see such happy pictures!!!

  2. Such great pictures! What a handsome little boy! :-)