Friday, December 6, 2013

Day 1 in Korea

After our meeting with Easton this morning we decided to head out and see some of Seoul.  It was a beautiful, cool day.  We ended up not doing much, but we walked around a lot.  We window shopped and went to Seoul Station.  This is where we ate many of our meals last time, but we didn't enjoy Benegan's as much tonight as we did our last trip.  Their menu has changed and there weren't as many options.  Time to venture out and find another restaurant.  :) 

We went to Lotte Outlets and John and Dad talked to a guy from North Carolina.  He had been in the military and when he finished, he began teaching English here in Seoul.  It was clear that he was homesick.  He approached us and stood and talked the whole time we shopped.  He said he has been here 5 months.  I think I would be homesick too if it were just me by myself!
We decided after dinner to walk to our hotel since it isn't very far. We saw the name of it at the top of the hotel and headed that direction. There are several by the same name but they are a few blocks from each other.  We went in the rounder door and kept going through....wrong hotel.  John and I thought this was hilarious.  We waited outside for mom and dad to figure out that we were at the wrong place.  We got a cab and headed back.  We are still laughing about it!

We found some steps in Lotte Outlets and Olivia walked up them.  They were piano keys.  Well, we were tourists and played on the steps a few minutes.

Olivia got Mammy in on the fun, too. 

We broke out the carrier for this trip.  She has never really used it, but she loves being carried and I think that as busy as it is here that it  was  a brilliant idea.   

We saw eels that were going to be cooked for someone at some point.....

....and this was her response to that. 

I love seeing Christmas here!  Seoul is such an amazing place, but the holidays seem to make everything even better.

Tomorrow we are going to Insadong, Seoul Tower (a favorite!!) and a palace.  For now, I am one beat girl.  Off to bed!! 

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