Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Day 5

After visiting Easton, we went to Namdaemun Market.  Last time we were here, I wasn't so impressed.  I don't know if it was the cold, the smell or what, but today, I LOVED IT!!!!!  Maybe it was having Olivia on my hip or that it wasn't as crowded, but the experience was much more enjoyable.  When we first walked in, we saw this box.  I am missing my sweet boy at home, and well, his name always makes me smile. 

We walked through and found many new nooks and crannies.  I got Olivia and Easton new hanboks.  I can't wait to have their pictures made in them!  Olivia's hanbok picture is possibly my favorite picture ever!  We spend a while in the market and got some great stuff!  I still want to find some shoes for Olivia and Easton.  I found some shoes that are similar to TOMS but they are made in Korea.  I may have to have those!  I got Olivia some super cute things and grabbed a pair of leggings for her while we were there as people where coming and pulling her pant legs down.  Heavens, she might get cold!  At this point it was still nice out, and I know she gets hot so easily.  I ended up finding a bathroom and putting them on her. Amazing how much better Korean clothes fit rather than our American clothes!  Perfect on the waist and length!     

 We walked back to our hotel.  By this time, it was beginning to get cold.   That curved building there is a picture of it!  We have done a great deal of walking this trip as we have figured out the streets better.  We still get lost, but not as far off as we would have last trip.  I can't believe we are down to our last day and a half.  It makes me really sad to think I will soon be boarding a plane without our boy and still leaving a piece of my heart here.  There will always be a piece here, but having my kids with me is helpful.  Seeing Olivia cry today when our visit was over told me just how much she has felt this wait.  She has been there everyday of the 21 months that we have waited.  She knows he can't come home with us, but she still asks questions.  I don't blame her.  I have questions, too. 
They are calling for snow tomorrow.  Gonna be a cold one, but we will get out and about just like any other day.  The weather hasn't been nearly as cold as last time!  The wind last time was what made it feel so cold.  The nice sunshine and lack of wind has been really nice!!! 

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