Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Day

We woke Olivia up around 8:30 and headed upstairs.  She is very slow to wake up and didn't do anything at first.  We then learned she was a bit sad (See Christmas Eve post).  Oscar, however, didn't have any trouble locating his own present and diving in!

She finally decided to get started on her Santa presents!  She is currently playing with all of her new stuff and LOVES it all!!! John and I have gotten every toy out of the box and organized.  I think overall, she had an amazing Christmas.  Like me, she is overwhelmed and so excited about Christmas that it comes off as disappointing when it is over.  I am not sure she was ever really sad about her gifts, just that the day was here and it would be gone. 

She and Oscar are checking out stockings.

After presents and showers, we went to my parent's house to have Christmas.  We quickly got started on gifts there and had an unbelievable amount of gifts and mess!
The BEST parents in this world.  I sure do love these two!!!!!

One happy kiddo!

Enjoying Christmas at Mammy's and Buppies.

Taking a break for a little "fishing" as my dad calls it.
 Olivia is so excited about all her princess barbie's that she jumped in Annelyns' arms and they spun around and around.

After spinning, she was able to sit down to check out all of the Princess Barbie's.

 After presents, brunch and a little hang out time, we went to John's moms' house.  Again...too much stuff, but everyone enjoyed food, gifts and company!
Oscar started opening his presents first.  Yep, he found them here as well.  Bless him, he walked around with a bag on his head for a few minutes pulling at his new toys.  He has slept for 2 days from all the action!


reaction!  Love how excited she was for her new nail polish.  I have one girly girl.  She squealed after this and jumped up and down.

Her unexpected gift....

Can you tell, she is a wee bit happy!!!
My aunt and uncle came in, so we went back to mom's house to hang out for a while.  I love it when we are all together.  Lots (I mean LOTS) of laughs and fun had by all!
MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I have always loved Christmas, but watching it through Olivia's eyes is way more fun than any gift I could receive.  I also now know how my parents must have felt all those years when I loved everything I got but came off as disappointed.  Break a mama's heart!!!  It was a great day and I am now headed to play with some of our new toys.  Bless, we now have legos.  UGH!  She however, loves them!!!

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