Monday, December 9, 2013

Day 4

This morning we woke up to a yucky, cold, rainy day.  That is not gonna stop this group!!! 
We went back to our breakfast spot and enjoyed a waffle and smoothie drink and then took a cab to ESWS.  Today was the day to have lunch with Dr. Kim.  Olivia did a great job.  This was her first time back to the agency since the day she was put in our arms forever. 

At one point, she made the comment, "Now this is really, really Korea!"  She ate some of her favorites and insisted on using only chopsticks.  More power to her!  I am still trying to get it!

We got to show her the hospital that took care of her the 4 mos. she we as in the NICU.  She was released and then shortly returned to this hospital.  She was so happy to see this building!

 We finished our day at Lotte World.  They have changed this since we were here last.  There is now a charge just to get in and watch, so we just watched from the bottom level.  There were  speed skating and figure skating lessons going on and the outside loop was full of people trying to skate.  We watched for a bit until Olivia layed down on the cold rail.  She was that tired!  We went and ate and returned to our hotel with a sleeping girl.  I have decided that I don't think her internal clock ever changed when she came home.  She has slept like a rock here and doesn't seem to need to snuggle with us.  She goes to bed at a normal 4 year old time and wakes up at a normal 4 year old time.  Maybe we should move to Seoul to sleep! 

Gearing up for day 5.  We are off to see Easton again!!

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