Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Olivia meets her brother!

This morning we woke up and headed to ESWS to see Easton again.  Before we left, we stopped and got Olivia a muffin for breakfast.  We arrived the exact same moment as Easton and his foster mom.  She seems like such a sweet lady!  Olivia wasn't sure at first, but before long they were screaming and laughing together! 

The recordable book we took him made for a nice 'warm up' for them.  

Look at how much better his teeth look!!!  Ten teeth capped yesterday.  Poor boy!

 An attempt to get all 4 of us in a picture together....

 John is trying to get him to look for the camera.
 ....I cropped this one.  At least Olivia and I made a decent picture. ;)
This is the best we could get.  Something to work on.
 Remember that muffin we got Olivia on the way?! 

 She said when we bought it that she wanted to share with him.  So we waited until we got there to open it. 

 Well, he likes bread!!!

 Back to playing!

 He is about to fall over he is laughing so hard!

 I think these two will be ok together!

 It was time to go.  Olivia immediately laid in my arms and sobbed.  This was the look I got when I told her he had to go back with his Omma. 
 She is sad to tell him bye, and he is sad I am holding him. 
 She wouldn't smile anymore because she didn't want it to be over.  (remember our Korean playdate in Oct.)  I need to take group pictures before we mention goodbye's."
 He is waving bye to us.  I have a sad girl in the background. 
We hope to see you soon sweet baby!  Not much longer.  Your heart is going to be so sad the day we take custody.  We have been told that you grieve hard.  We will hold you, but we know that we can't heal those wounds.  Your Omma and Appa will always be a part of your journey.  We can't wait to begin our lives with you!! 

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