Monday, December 2, 2013

Double date night

My friend Maryleigh and I have decided that Olivia and Bates are made for each other!  So, every time we are together, we joke about the future.  Don't get me wrong, I would personally love my kid to marry Bates, but I think arranged marriages are a bit illegal. ;)   They do love each other and have fun together any time we hang out.  Last Saturday we went to the aquarium restaurant and requested a table close to the tanks.  We were all pleased, but two kids who wouldn't have walked over without their mama's a year ago went right over and stared at the fish.  (Brodie isn't scared....he would have done it a year ago! :)) They loved watching the fish, and I gotta say, it is definitely a place we will go back to.  The food was great and the atmosphere was fun, too. ML and I went and grabbed a few gifts while the kids and guys went to get ice cream.  We had a really good time and always enjoy time with the Brown family!

We know once we get back from Korea, Christmas is right here, and it gets crazy around here.  So, I wanted to see the lights at Opryland and we asked if they wanted to join.  It was SOOOOO cold out and walking over was not an option for us.  Once we got in cars to head over, they decided to head on home, but we had promised Olivia that we would go walk around, so the three of us ventured on. 


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