Thursday, December 5, 2013

Traveling--Olivia's first flight since coming home!!!

I set my alarm for 3 a.m. yesterday because nothing was packed!  We got it all packed and to my parents house on time.  We headed to the airport and my precious, sweet friend, Danyell met us there to get my car. 
My car was jam packed.  We all had luggage under our feet and in our laps!
Love you sweet friend!
Such a traveler

We didn't even have to pay for parking!!!!  We got our bags checked and thought it was 2 bags per person.  The nice guy checking us in helped us by allowing a couple checked bags to be carry-ons.  We got through security and the two bags that we were gonna check and ended up bringing as carry-ons had all my liquid body splash and other items that could not be carried on.  So, John went back through security and checked those bags.  $200.00 later we were ready to find our gate. 

Olivia asked while we waited for our flight if we were in Korea yet.  Bless her....we hadn't even left home!  When we arrived she said, "Now we in Korea?" 



Headed to Detroit!  One excited girl!  I love her SO much!!!!  

She was having a blast! 

It's not a beautiful Korean air plane, but it got us here!!!
We saw this fountain on our way to eat at Chili's.  Too much excitement for Olivia....she puked on her and me right after this!!!

Loaded and ready for the next 15 hours to Seoul!!!  She napped for 4 hours, watched Sophia and Jake, and played on her phone.  She layed on all of us!!! 

Yay for Sophia and t.v.'s on planes!

 We are here!!!  One tired girl.  It took us a while to shuttle to the hotel, but we made it here around 11:30.  I realized that we are meeting Easton early this morning, so I had to get stuff ready. 
Walking out the door stop, EASTON!!!



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